Knowles Video, Inc. (KVI) has produced quality programs, and provided broadcast level production and post-production support for over two decades. Our client base is extremely diverse and includes every State agency in Florida, along with numerous private sector clients - some as far away as Portland, Oregon. We also provide support to network and nationally syndicated program producers. We have international production experience in England, Ireland, France, Spain, Switzerland, and Brazil.

Video/Multimedia Program Production:

KVI is primarily a full service production company specializing in the creation of video and multimedia programs and materials designed to meet the unique needs of our diverse client base.

We produce program styles that range from Public Awareness Programs and Public Service Announcements, to Training, Educational, Advertising/Marketing, Interactive Multimedia, Teleconferences, Documentary, News, Sports and Entertainment.

We have extensive experience in local, regional, national and international single and multi-camera production.

Production services range from producing the entire project "from concept through deliverables inclusive"... to providing individual services as required.

Studio Facilities:

An insert studio is available on-site, suitable for complex set design and blue/green screen work. Primary lighting instruments are Videssence fixtures which provide extremely stable and exceptionally cool production lighting. Supplementary tungsten instruments are available as required. A variety of sets are available, customized sets can be built to order.

Electronic Field Production:

Up to three separate field production packages are available for individual or multiple camera/iso recording set-ups. These packages range from simple "run & gun" to complex multi-camera systems with full support.

Remote Switched Production:

A complete studio in a van, ready to travel. A minimum of three cameras with full support for live to tape, live to satellite, live to streaming internet multi-camera switched production.

Field and Studio Teleprompting Systems:

EFP style teleprompting with 9" QTV hardware and Computer Prompting Corporation software, AC or DC operation. 15" QTV studio teleprompting hardware with Computer Prompting Corporation software.

Editing / Post-production:

We maintain 3 Avid Media Composer editing systems with support for SD and HD post-production powered by Windows 7 64 bit OS, 64 bit Avid applications and plug-ins as well as 3rd party apps.

We also maintain an Adobe Premier CS editing suite.

All editing suites support legacy tape based formats including: Betacam SP, DVCam, DVC Pro, Mini DV, One-inch, 3/4-inch SP, SVHS, Hi8 & Digital 8 videotape formats, as well as all current file based formats.

Each suite has network access to music libraries from a dozen different providers with thousands of available music tracks that span all music styles to satisfy the needs of any production. Additional selections are available for immediate search and download.

Sound Ideas sound effects are also on-line to all suites.

Location and Studio Sound Production,
Reinforcement and PA Gear:

Whether your audience is one dozen or one thousand, or perhaps you have multiple venues on the same day, KVI has the resources to make your voice heard. We maintain a wide assortment of location/studio recording and sound reinforcement equipment including JBL Model 515 powered speakers; Yamaha digital mixers, Mackie Shure and Behringer analog sound consoles; an 8 channel Shure automatic mic mixer; Shure and Sennheiser wired vocal mics; Sony ECM 77B lavs; Shure wireless mic systems featuring SM58 and Beta58 handheld mics, Shure lavs and Tram lavs; sound processing/reinforcement units from TC Helicon, Crown, DBX, Behringer, Aphex and Orban. All systems can be linked to digital recording devices, with redundant recording options, to preserve your content for future uses.

Multimedia Program Development:

We produce and digitize audio, video and graphic assets as individual components or together to produce materials for interactive CD-ROM, DVD, website, and computer based training applications. We specialize in Adobe Director programming to create dynamic interactive media.

Presentations can also be ported over to Adobe Flash. We create traditional, autorun and menued DVD masters from videotape sources or raw materials. We also compress legal depositions for delivery on CD-ROM or DVD.

Digital Signage:

With experience in single display as well as networked multi-display systems with remote management, KVI is well positioned to assist in your digital signage needs. KVI is the area representative for SpinetiX technology. We offer packages that include passive displays, or interactive touch screens - small and large.

Digital signage is an exploding technology. It allows you to connect with your clients using dynamic images and sounds, interactivity and immediately accessible information. KVI offers standalone systems that clients manage themselves. We also offer on and off-site management of small or large installation. In addition to the hardware, KVI also offers content development based on nearly 30 years of multimedia production experience.

Opened/Closed Captioning Services:

For over twenty years KVI has provided closed captioning encoding of program masters to satisfy ADA requirements. This service ensures that hearing impaired individuals are not denied access to important video materials whether they be disc-based media or web media.

CD & DVD Duplication Services:

We offer large volume CD-R and DVD replication services with full color surface printing on each disc. Numerous packaging options are available including custom designed labeling and sleeves for all media. We also support legacy video and audio tape formats, see our media conversion section for more details. Links to our duplication prices and guidelines are below.

Media Conversion:

KVI supports the widest array of current and legacy media technology in the Big Bend area. Using broadcast grade hardware and software, we offer media conversion to digitize legacy analog media formats into any of the multitude of digital media formats currently in use. We also offer conversion of media from one digital format/resolution into the same or another format at the same resolution, in a compressed format, or at a higher resolution (original quality limits uprezing results).

Digital Audio Editing/Archiving:

We offer state-of-the-art digital audio capturing, editing, and processing. This system is used to convert analogue audio sources to a variety of digital formats for editing or long term archiving, or to clean up poor or noisy original recordings.

16mm Film and 35mm Slide capture/digitizing:

We operate the only broadcast quality 16mm film transfer system in this market. This system allows for the transfer of 16mm optical or magnetic striped films, color or black and white, to various video formats including all file based formats. 35mm slides are scanned at up to 4,000 dpi and can be archived in a variety of image file formats.

Sales of Production Consumables:

KVI stocks a large assortment of blank videotape in all the popular broadcast formats, videotape and CD/DVD media and packaging, quartz lamps, gaffers supplies, and other production consumables.

Consultation, System Design and Installation of Video Facilities:

We provide expert consultation and installation of customized systems. Years of experience in the design, installation and maintenance of video facilities allow us to provide practical solutions to facilities design, installation or expansion problems.

Surveillance Material Processing & Expert Witness:

We process surveillance materials for use as evidence in legal proceedings. This service includes creating videotape copies or prints from tape, processing time-lapse recordings for use in standard DVD players, or removing noise from audio recordings. KVI also offers expert witness testimony to support the processing performed on surveillance materials.

Other Services:

KVI is known as a technology problem solver. We maintain an extensive inventory of unique hardware and software technologies. These resources coupled with decades of technical experience allow us to offer a fresh and creative resolution to many unique media challenges.

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